Since October 1993, The Perfect Solution has worked primarily (although not exclusively) with small- to mid-sized law firms in the greater Los Angeles, California metropolitan area. Over the years business has expanded, as have our capabilities to provide services utilizing the power of the Internet. That means we can now provide better service to our clients because it is possible to address issues that arise for our clients within minutes. We now have an office in Lubbock, Texas as well.

We are strongly committed to WordPerfect and support the efforts of Corel Corporation to continue to develop this great product. We simply think there is no better word processor in the world than WordPerfect!

Our services include macro programming, consulting, desktop publishing, word processing and training. With years of on-the-job experience, we offer relevant solutions to our clients. Sharon Hall is a WordPerfect Specialist and Macro Programmer.

You can reach us at (310) 403-4987 by telephone. We can provide additional information or schedule a free initial consultation, so please call or e-mail us.